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ANYCUBIC PHOTON M3The brand new Anycubic M3 series is a new standard within SLA printers.The iconic Photon Series has been the pioneer in all history of SLA printing, and the M3 versions are pushing the limits further.Anycubic M3 comes with a 7,6” 4K Mono screen, which will give you extreme details on even the smallest print.The screen is protected by an Anycubic protective film, so resin drips etc. will not kill the screen.The printspeed has increased, and the Photon M3 is now able to print with 50mm/h. This will let you print a 12cm high figure in just 2½ hours, which is 30 min. faster than the competitors.The Photon M3 is the smallest printer in the M3 range, however it still comes with a printarea of 180x163,9x102,4 mm, which is plenty for most prints.The newly developed printhead has a lasercut surface that allows much better adhesion than the previous Photon models.

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