ANYCUBIC Kobra Plus - 3D-printer


3D printing has never been easier! The brand new Anycubic Kobra Plus has set a new standard for how 3D printing should be in the future. With the Anycubc LeviQ system, you have a leading autolevel system, so you are sure that the distance between nozzle and plate is always perfect. The build plate is 300x300x350 mm and has an e glass plate with an upgraded version of Anycubic's Ultrabase, so the print adheres fantastically when hot, and is easily removed after cooling. All this is controlled via the user-friendly touch screen, where you get access to all settings on the printer. Anycubic Kobra Plus can print at a maximum speed of 180 mm/s, which is up to 167% faster than the competition (80 mm/s). Kobra Plus can use PLA/ABSPETG & TPU, so you get a wide range of options to choose your favorite filament. Anycubic Kobra Plus can be assembled in approx. 10 minutes so you can quickly get started with your first print. Anycubic Kobra has already received 5/5 stars in online user reviews.

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